Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A UK Public Service Announcement

Marc Maggard at has an excellent post that I consider a must-read. So much so that I am posting it here in full.
don't know HOW MANY TIMES this needs to be listen close.

It doesn't matter what you think the NCAA can or should do in regards to what is fair. The rules are quite clear in their vagueness by design.

Fans of any school who start lobbying recruits to come to that school are commiting infractions. I don't give a $#!+ (leave it in mods) that some people don't think it's "Fair" of if they don't think UK can control doesn' t matter. The NCAA could STILL tell Beas he has to pick another school.

It's not good enough for UK to say "We can't stop them" the least, you cause Sandy Bell and UK to do a media blitz to tell UK fans to stop it in order to show "institutional control". If UK were to do nothing when they discover a violation, then they are considered to be giving passive consent to the infractions.

Any fan who is doing this is putting UK in jeapordy. Not only that, but leaving messages on those sites does nothing to help UK. In fact, I would argue that in at least one instance, it is harming UK....I'll go into that more in a month or so.

The point is stop it....stop saying it's no big deal....stop telling your friends where a myspace page is....stop adding them to your page....stop messing with UK's recruiting efforts.....STOP POSTING THAT IT ISN"T DANGEROUS.

We all need to spread this message that it needs to stop NOW. There are serious implications DESPITE what some of you "NCAA Jailhouse Lawyers" think is not a risk. I will no longer allow myspace/facebook threads to be posted here and the mods are now instructed to immediately move those threads into the closed mod forum for review.

Additionally, any known contact will be reported to UK's complance department. I suspect those who are discoverd to have commited infractions will be sanctioned, which could included banning from UK events of all kinds. This is no joke, this is serious. If you people love UK and want what's best, stop causing problems and acting like it's all good.

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