Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's Beshear time, baby!

I've read up on the concession speeches and victory speeches.

Let me state first and foremost, Steve Beshear and Daniel Mongiardo have won with a mandate. Good government will finally be returned to Frankfort.

Jerry Lundergan's days as chairman are effectively over and I would expect that things at party headquarters are going to look very differently here in the next few weeks and months to come. It appears that outgoing State Treasurer Jonathan Miller will be the next chairman of the party and Louisville attorney Jennifer Moore will be the vice-chairman. Happy days are ahead for the KDP. Add in what Miller can do with the technology of today and we're about to see a Democratic revolution unlike any other event in the past. With Miller as chair, the Republican days in this state are over.

Overall, I was satisfied with most of Tuesday evening's results. I'm a bit upset with the State Treasurer and Secretary of State races. I was hoping Dick Robinson would have been the next Secretary of State. I've seen Bruce Hendrickson speak once at a down-ticket get together--I wasn't pleased with what I saw. When the other candidates spoke for five minutes at maximum, he RAMBLED on for half an hour. Had White not been in the race, I think Dick would have had it. Remember, she played a spoiler role especially when she told the press that she wanted to run for governor and couldn't find a running mate.

I would have liked Mike Weaver to have won but that didn't happen. Even as a Louisvillian, I don't know much about Todd Hollenbach other than that his father was a failed candidate in statewide races.

I want to be an optimist for my party's candidates but the way I see it, Trey Grayson's career will not be derailed and neither will UK basketball legend Richie Farmer. Had we nominated Robinson, I'd like to think that Trey would lose. But when a stump speech is half an hour long, I don't think those type of candidates will do that well and that's why I don't like Hendrickson's chances in the general election.

The big winner on Tuesday was expanded gaming and that's a key issue that I will be voting on this November.

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