Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mr. Flip-Flop is House Speaker Jody Richards

In a move that is very surprising, House Speaker and gubernatorial candidate Jody Richards (D-Bowling Green) has attacked former Lt. Governor/Attorney General Steve Beshear and in doing so, he flip-flopped on the hot button issue of EXPANDED GAMING in Kentucky.
House Speaker Jody Richards and former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry said today it appears that Beshear is gambling with Kentucky’s future, while Louisville businessman Bruce Lunsford said it is doubtful that benefits from expanded gambling could be realized until two or three years into the next governor’s administration. Lunsford stressed that he was not directly criticizing Beshear.

Until today, all Democratic candidates for governor except Harlan demolition contractor Otis Hensley Jr. had said they supported expanded gambling.

Richards said today at a forum in Frankfort that he he made a mistake earlier this year when he told the Kentucky School Boards Association that he would vote for a constitutional amendment to allow expanded gambling.

He said he now has changed his mind.

Asked if he would vote as a legislator to put the issue on the ballot for Kentucky voters, Richards said that would be “a tough sale.”

Beshear said his opponents are making promises but he is the only candidate offering a way to pay for them.

He said he could provide the leadership to win voter approval of expanded gambling. He also said he would conduct a comprehensive efficiency study of state government to try to find additional funds.
I'm sorry, Mr. Speaker, but your flip-flopping has lost yourself a vote from me.

The run-off will likely be Beshear and Lunsford. We get Beshear in there and we will win this thing.

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