Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My apologies

I know, I know. I've been slacking at the blog but I've been busy with whatever little schoolwork I have remaining this semester. That and today was the only window I had to watch both Spider-Man movies before Spider-Man 3 opens this weekend.

UK news comes first. Then political news.

Mr. Basketball Steffphon Pettigrew has chosen to become a Western Kentucky Hilltopper. It became clear when UK didn't have the mutual interest that Pettigrew was likely headed to a place other than in Lexington.

Former Kentucky Wildcat Rodrick Rhodes wants another chance in Lexington and would like to be an assistant coach for Billy Gillispie.
Rhodes, who just completed his first season as an assistant coach at Idaho State, would like to join Billy Gillispie's new UK staff.

As a high school senior in the Class of 1992, Rhodes was generally regarded as second only to Jason Kidd among the nation's best prospects. His status gave him the credibility to ask then-UK Coach Rick Pitino to publicly pledge to stay in the job as a pre-condition to signing with the Cats. He left after three seesaw seasons that included reprimands from Pitino, a memorable meltdown against Arkansas in the Southeastern Conference Tournament and a controversial transfer to Southern California that appeared to be a way for Pitino to clear a scholarship for hot-shot prospect Ron Mercer.

"Exactly," Rhodes said. "You know it. I know it. I don't want to get into that because everybody knows that story."

But, he added, "If I had a problem with Kentucky, I'd be a bitter guy. I never had a problem with Kentucky. Never. I always loved Kentucky. I wanted to be at Kentucky. I never wanted to leave Kentucky."
Bill Keightley, indeed, has a fan base amongst the Kentucky fans.

Moving on to the political news...ethics-related questions will continue to follow former Lt. Governor Steve Henry no matter what office he is running for.

Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor recently debated.
Jefferson County Attorney Irv Maze, who is running with State Treasurer Jonathan Miller, noted that Fletcher “said he was running for governor to clean up the mess, only to leave a bigger mess.”[...]

Maze made a slight jab at Lunsford and Beshear when he said Miller wouldn’t pardon anyone in his administration convicted of a crime — a plan that he said the ticket “didn’t copy it from anyone else.”

He was alluding to allegations that both Lunsford and Beshear used in their campaign platforms portions of platforms from other gubernatorial campaigns in other states.
Here's one way that Jewish charities took advantage of the publicity made by the Israeli Baseball League's recent draft.

Here are the numbers for the recent poll conducted by WHAS-11 and Survey USA. How Lunsford is in first and Henry in third is beyond me.
29% Lunsford/Stumbo
23% Beshear/Mongiardo
18% Henry/True
9% Richards/Brown
7% Miller/Maze
6% Galbraith/Wireman
1% Hensley/Robbins
7% Undecided
Jonathan Miller would raise the funding of the women's commission

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