Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nickolas moving on...

I heard earlier today via email that Mark Nickolas was leaving the state. Pol Watchers also has a post up on the news.

This is sad news especially given the revolution he started here in the Commonwealth. What Mark has done for this state has been amazing. He took on Ernie Fletcher and Jerry Lundergan. He took on Bruce Lunsford.

He voiced his opinion so loud that the Fletcher administration blocked the blog as well as some others, including my own.
Political blogger Mark Nickolas will move to Helena, Montana next week, he confirmed today in a telephone interview.

Nickolas, who authors the Democratic blog, will continue to update the blog from Montana during the immediate future. He is exploring other long-term options, including selling the blog or transforming it into a publication focused on national politics, he said.

BluegrassReport has had more than 1.8 million visits and more than 5 million page views since launching on June 12, 2005.

"It's been a really good run," Nickolas said. "BluegrassReport has accomplished a lot and hopefully will continue to accomplish a lot."

A controversial figure, Nickolas has been highly critical of Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher and Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Lundergan.

The blog's traffic increased dramatically after it gained national attention in 2006 when Fletcher's administration began blocking state workers from accessing it and other sites. A lawsuit filed by Nickolas against Fletcher is still pending in federal court.
I wish you the best, Mark, and never forget all your friends here in the Commonwealth. You leave some pretty big shoes to fill. I will try my best. In the meantime, there's Pol Watchers, the Bridge, Bluegrass Roots, etc.

I'll be on hiatus from June 12 until about July 1 since I will be away in Eretz Yisrael and then the annual family vacation.

Here's Mark's post on the matter.

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