Monday, May 05, 2008

Fischer hypocrisy?

Latest press release from the Lunsford camp:
Greg Fischer Claims Record is “An Open Book”
Yet Fischer files his financial disclosure form 11 days late; reveals investments in Ventas & Kindred

LOUISVILLE – In a stunning display of hypocrisy, U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer touted his record as “an open book,” yet he failed to file his Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) report with the Senate Ethics Committee until 11 days after the deadline.

Fischer has repeatedly attacked fellow Democrat Bruce Lunsford for his management of Vencor and spread false information about Lunsford’s business record. Yet, when Fischer finally filed his PFD, it revealed he has investments in five different publicly traded funds which invest in either Ventas or Kindred – both corporate descendants of Vencor.

“Greg Fischer has gone against the will of Kentucky’s voters and Democratic leaders by taking a page out of Mitch McConnell’s playbook, slinging mud at his fellow Democrat Bruce Lunsford rather than focusing on what he would do as Senator to improve the lives of Kentucky families,” Lunsford spokesperson Allison Haley said. “The fact that all the while, Fischer has investments in the very companies he claims Bruce ran into the ground makes Fischer’s actions the ultimate hypocrisy.”

Senate ethics rules require all candidates in the Kentucky Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate to submit their PFD form to the Senate Ethic Committee 30 days before the election. Greg Fischer didn’t even sign his form until more than a week after the deadline and then took an additional three days to send it in. Examination of Fischer’s PFD shows his investment portfolio includes public funds that have a combined total investment of over $26 million in Ventas and Kindred.

“If I were Greg Fischer, I wouldn’t want the public to know I had been investing in the same companies I was openly criticizing either. Maybe that’s why he waited so long to file his PFD.,” Haley said. “What else is he hiding?”

By contrast, Lunsford’s PFD was filed on time and in full compliance with Senate rules.

“I think it speaks volumes about the difference between Bruce Lunsford and Greg Fischer. Fischer claims his record is an open book yet he conceals information about his finances. While Bruce filed his disclosure form on time,” Haley said. “It’s no mystery why our campaign hears from folks everyday that are angry with Greg Fischer for his McConnell-style negative attacks. That type of behavior doesn’t appeal to voters – it only serves to help Republicans in the General Election this fall.”

Last week, Democratic Party leaders Congressman John Yarmuth, Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo, Attorney General Jack Conway, and State Auditor Crit Luallen signed a letter urging Fischer to “take the high road, and spend the final weeks of the primary running a campaign focused on why you are right for the job, not divisive character attacks that are part of the reason Washington needs to change.”

Fischer responded by refusing to discontinue his attacks.

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