Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Daily Show: post-Bush

Houston, we might have a problem. For the last eight years, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, made fun of George W. Bush...or election gaffes. Andrew Sullivan doesn't ponder the future of The Daily Show post-Bush but has excerpts of what others are saying. Sullivan is confident of self-reinvention.

Dan Cois:
It's no secret that plenty of satirical outlets — Saturday Night Live, the Onion, late-night talk shows — have had trouble finding good Obama jokes. But we're not forecasting their doom. The Daily Show is unique, though, in its audience and in its comedic approach, and we're very worried that an Obama presidency might send Jon Stewart's show speedily on the road to obsolescence.

Why? First of all, in one eventful day, the prototypical Daily Show viewer has been transformed: Once disaffected and angry at Washington's power structure, he's now delighted and hopeful about the new president and all that he symbolizes. And if you're an Obama fan — eager to give Barack the benefit of the doubt, and proud and excited about the change you've helped bring the nation — do you really want Jon Stewart sitting on the sidelines, taking potshots at your hero?
Cois goes on to suggest other Democrats, Republicans, the media (CNN holograms?), and despite the Democrats having both chambers of Congress, the inability to still get anything done!

Make no mistake about it, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report will survive. Life will find a way, my friends.

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