Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Painful, sickening, and disgusting

I'm sorry but I have my whole seperation of sports and politics but reading this is just painful, sickening, and disgusting. Personally, I would never trade my sports allegiances if a candidate recieved a state's electoral votes. I just hope Ashley Judd will be sporting her Kentucky blue while sitting in the UNC student section.
UNC-Chapel Hill students will have a famously devoted Wildcats fan sitting in their section when the Tar Heels host Kentucky next week.

On a campaign trip for Obama late last month, actress Ashley Judd promised students she would return to Chapel Hill for the basketball game -- and sit in the student section -- if Obama won North Carolina.

He did, and Judd's public relations firm said the star of "High Crimes" and "Kiss the Girls" plans to attend the Tuesday game.

No word on what shade of blue she'll be wearing.

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