Sunday, November 23, 2008

I didn't get the memo...

It's not news until it's on KSR per the CJ:
So this is Patrick Patterson's life. He gets a haircut, and it's headline news. UK's superstitious sophomore decided after Tuesday's 77-58 loss at North Carolina dropped the Wildcats to 0-2 that his afro had to go. On Wednesday he had his hair cut back to the close-cropped style he wore as a freshman.

That afternoon, word spread across the Internet.

"It's crazy," Patterson said. "I think it's hilarious how people talk about my hair."

Patterson was flooded with messages on his Facebook page from friends and fans who wanted to know if the rumor was true. Patterson had planned to surprise his parents with the new look, but his mother, Tywanna, read about his haircut online.

"I got a text from my mom saying, 'Why didn't you tell me you cut your hair?' " Patterson said.

Beyond superstition, there were practical concerns, Patterson said. The afro was "a huge hassle" to keep neat and clean, he said.
I missed the whole Jai Lucas will transfer memo, probably due to the election. Per Matt, of course, UK has been in contact.
I just spoke with Jai Lucas (will have the full interview later tonight) but he did say that UK has been in contact and that “I think they are interested in me and I am interested in them.” Jai was very funny and made comments about having to go through this all again. He says that his list is Kentucky, Texas, Texas A&M, Arkansas and Stanford, but that “I will have the final group after finals in a couple of weeks.”

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