Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Um, gee...

Thanks, Joe...as if I'm not already stressed out enough. What you want me to do, vent again? You're asking for it. And to warn you ahead of time, I haven't reach the point of the bubble burst where I let my anger out on others. You don't want to see me when the Hulk awakes....metaphorically. That post that you linked to? Yea, it happened to be one of those days.

And yea, I can be self-deprecating at times. This isn't one of those times.

And that stand-up set, for the billionth time, was on a day when I had an interview and didn't have much preparation for the comedic material. How many times to I have to explain it? Plus, I'm set more for improv and sketch than stand-up. After four open mics and a ten minute set, I've recognized that.

And one more thing, I'm pretty sure that is up to Sen. Reid.

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