Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving readings...

AISH: America and Jewish Values by Rabbi Ken Spiro

AISH: President Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation

Chicago Jewish News: Ira Stoll on Samuel Adams

Chicago Jewish News: Holiday for Jews to celebrate By Edmon J. Rodman
It's an American holiday with origins in a persecuted religious group who makes an exodus and finds its way if not to a promised land, then to a land of religious freedom. Ring any bells, dinner or otherwise?

Some think Thanksgiving feels much like Sukkot. Both are harvest holidays where thanks and praise are given, and mass quantities of food are communally shared. Each involved a wilderness pilgrimage. Each has origins in makeshift living accommodations.

So while we're shopping for decorative cardboard Pilgrims, perhaps we should throw in an Israelite or two. Or while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, just imagine a giant inflatable etrog floating by.

As for the main course, it's the Jews who have the inside scoop on the lifestyle and husbandry of America's favorite Thanksgiving entree. Israel is a major turkey-producing country, with many kibbutzim specializing in turkey ranching.

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