Tuesday, January 13, 2009

French station broadcasts fabricated footage

Wake me up when information like this appears on MSNBC or CNN.
French media analyst Philippe Karsenty took the case a step further, calling the al-Durrah footage a staged hoax. France 2 won a defamation case against Karsenty in 2004, but the ruling was overturned last year by a Paris Court of Appeal that said Karsenty had presented a "coherent mass of evidence."

During a visit this week to Ashkelon, a southern Israeli city that has been the target of Hamas rocket attacks, Karsenty said it is time France 2 "pays the price."

"It's a disgrace to see French Public Television still making up stories and lies instead of reporting the news accurately. They're taking sides and working for the propaganda machine of a terrorist organization," Karsenty told FOX News.

"This is further proof that you can't always believe the pictures coming out of Gaza at the moment," Honest Reporting Managing Editor Simon Plotsker told FOX News. "Hamas is controlling the images coming out for their own morale; they play up civilian casualties to use as propaganda against Israel."

Says Mizrahi: "The media needs to be careful because a correction on page A-14 versus a front page spread doesn't do justice to the damage already done in public opinion."

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