Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend roundup

Here's more on what's going on overseas in the UK, where members of the tribe are being threatened solely because of anti-Semites that have nothing better to do with their lives than to hate Jews.
The Community Security Trust, the organization in charge of security for Britain's Jews and their institutions, was dismayed more about the tabloid publicity garnered by the references than the threats, spokesman Mark Gardner told JTA. Gardner said the headlines expanded what had been a small threat.

There has been a sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Britain since Israel launched major operations in the Gaza Strip on Dec. 27, about two weeks after Hamas ended a fragile cease-fire with a massive intensification of rocket fire on Israel's south. By Friday over 75 incidents were reported to the CST.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said the police take very seriously anti-Semitic attacks, and had increased its patrols in areas where such incidents took place. “The police are working with the Jewish community to prevent further attacks,” he said, speaking on traditional condition of anonymity.
David Rothkopf ripped Stephen Walt a new one.

J Street claims to be Pro-Israel, right? Then explain this:
J Street is so pro-Israel that 94 percent of Jewish Israelis reject its stance on Gaza.
Jamie Kirchick writes in Haaretz that they might as well be called "the surrender lobby."

Here's another take on J Street after the Senate resolution this week.

Once again, Jimmy Carter continues to humiliate himself. He lost credibility in my eyes years ago, especially when he refused to share the stage with Alan Dershowitz.

Just another grim reminder that as Israel fights to defend it's right to exist, all Jews are at risk. They may claim that their comments are anti-Israel, but they aren't...they are anti-Semitic!

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