Friday, January 30, 2009

JCPS: Berman asks Governor Beshear to waive makeup days

Why wasn't it like this with the winter storm of 1994?

Superintendent Sheldon Berman said as of early this morning, there will still 38 schools without power. He added that some schools got power back and then lost it again.

He said they are doing "everything in their power" to get the schools back open on Monday. He said they can't forecast the weather four days in advance and that if a decision is made to cancel school on Monday, that decision won't likely come until early Monday morning.

The district is going to ask Gov. Beshear to waive some of these make-up days (as well as the make-up days caused by Hurricane Ike) so that students won't have to make them up, Berman said.

"These are the two largest diasaters this state has had in many year and they both have happened in the same year. Both storms have been costly to the city and the school district," he said.

Berman added that these power outages are more challenging than the ones caused by Ike because of the cold.
Ultimately, as far as school next week goes, JCPS will make the logical decision of what to do. It's not just power outages in the school that has to be factored but across the district. It's all the power lines that are down on the ground due to the ice, and the trees. I was told that some roads that access KY 22 are blocked due to trees, and these are routes in which buses take.

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