Thursday, January 29, 2009

Power Outage Update

Here's an update of what's happening in Jefferson County:
Power was restored to more than 20,000 homes and business overnight, but 183,000 LG&E customers are still without electricity and 8,900 power lines remain down, Mayor Jerry Abramson said today.

And at least five cases of carbon-monoxide poisoning were reported overnight from people who were improperly heating their homes. No deaths were reported.

Additional utility crews are arriving in Louisville today. By tonight, 1,800 people will be working to restore power, said LG&E senior vice president Chris Hermann.

“We’re making steady progress, but this storm was so broad and so destructive that it will take time to thaw out and to rebuild the power network,” Abramson said in a release. “With another cold night expected today, I strongly urge citizens to use the shelters as needed and to check on friends and neighbors.”

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