Sunday, January 11, 2009

Incident on Syrian border?

Y Net reports that there was an incident upon the Syrian border.
Israelis came under fire from Syria today, after a man on the Syrian side of the border with Israel opened fire at a group of Israeli civilians and soldiers who were making repairs on the Israeli side of the border fence, Sunday afternoon.

IDF forces did not fire back at the shooter, who fled the scene.

There were no casualties, but vehicles were damaged. The IDF said there were no special instructions for border communities in the Golan Heights, and that residents should behave as normal.

A few hours later a UNIFIL force detained a man suspected of carrying out the shooting attack.

A preliminary military analysis indicates that the man, who fired at least two bullets, was a Syrian civilian operating on his own. Nonetheless, the IDF spokesperson's office reported that the circumstances are still being investigated.

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