Monday, February 21, 2011

Afternoon update...

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich published an article related to the showdown against the middle class: Exposing the Republicans' 3-Part Strategy to Tear the Middle Class Apart -- Let's Stop Them in Wisconsin. It's a must read if you ask me.

Also, on the political front: Embarrassed Republicans Admit They've Been Thinking Of Eisenhower Whole Time They've Been Praising Reagan.

Contrary to what we were hearing a few weeks ago, Ted Kennedy, Jr. has opted against running for the senate seat being vacated by Senator Joe Lieberman.
Kennedy, a lawyer, once expressed an interest to USA TODAY about joining the family business. But he is passing on a race next year, when a Connecticut senator is retiring for the second election cycle in a row. The Democrat told WFSB-TV that he doesn't want to run for political office until his children are older.

But never say never, Kennedy says.

"I've been clear about my desire and hope to go into public service at some point in my life," he said in an interview after a dinner honoring the 50th anniversary of his uncle John F. Kennedy's presidential inauguration.

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