Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jason Sudeikis spoke about juggling a film career and Saturday Night Live.
Q: You had to juggle "Hall Pass" and "SNL" simultaneously, and you just wrapped the movie "Horrible Bosses" with Jason Bateman. How do you carve out a film career while on TV.
A: "It's a matter of using your summers effectively. Our 'school year' as we call it on the show, is basically September to May and then we look for summer jobs. Instead of life guarding or mowing lawns, we try to do movies."

Q: How much longer will you be on the show?
A: I signed on for seven years. I'm in my sixth now. I've had the fortunate opportunity to do sketch comedy for 15 years. You can only have so many ideas. I'd like to extend my career a little bit into different genres. I'd love to do a drama."

Q: What are you favorite "SNL" characters?
A: "I love those ESPN guys that Will Forte and I did last year. It's fun watching them because I never get to see what Will is doing next to me when we perform them. Will and I also do (the characters) Jon Bovi who sing opposite lyrics to Bon Jovi songs. That's a movie idea we should explore. Or a television series. We'll see."

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