Sunday, March 25, 2012

Calipari didn't like 21 Jump Street

John Calipari didn't like 21 Jump Street.
Thursday night, the team went to a film that Calipari described as “awful.” “There were some of the stupidest things in this movie I’ve ever seen,” he said. When pressed, he identified the stinker as “21 Jump Street,” a remake of a former television show about undercover cops fighting crime in high schools that launched Johnny Depp’s career. (Richard Greico’s career didn’t quite get the same boost.) The new version was played for laughs, which explains the casting of Seth Rogen.

Calipari sought to clarify that he was considerably older than the movie’s target audience. “I should say it was awful if you’re 53,” as Calipari is at the moment. “If you’re 19, 20, 21, it was a fun movie. But people were laughing. I was the only one not laughing.”

Calipari explained that he wasn’t responsible for the selection. Darius Miller “picks the movies, O.K.,” Calipari said to laughter, while Miller shrunk in his seat — which, given that he is 6-foot-8, isn’t easy to do.
Somebody needs to tell Robert Weintraub that Seth Rogen was not in the movie.

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