Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rajon Rondo has MONSTER game

Against the Linsanity of the New York Knicks and recent trade rumors, Rajon Rondo recorded a MONSTER game with another TRIPLE-DOUBLE!
Paul Pierce delivered on the role of hero during today’s game, but Rajon Rondo played the role of stat stuffer.

Rondo recorded his fourth triple-double of the season in amazing fashion. This wasn’t just a triple-double – it was a monster triple-double. He scored 18 points to go along with his game-high totals of 17 rebounds and 20 assists. He also committed only four turnovers, leading to a shining assist-to-turnover ratio of 5-to-1.

The performance forced statisticians everywhere to look back in the history books to see how it stacks up against other triple-doubles of the past. Although we don’t have those comparisons handy at the moment, we can say that Rondo’s game was historic enough to cause Kevin Garnett to take a copy of the box score home with him as a souvenir.

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