Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some NCAA/SEC Tournament thoughts...

Personally, for the sake of not having to take two cars, I'm hoping for a primetime matchup in the evening, probably on CBS. I don't know which commentators we will be getting but based on Nantz/Kellogg in Dayton on Tuesday, they will be doing a Thursday/Saturday location, which includes Louisville.

Am I angry that UK lost to Vandy this afternoon? Not as much. We probably did need a loss. They were getting too arrogrant after running the conference. Plus, the omens line up with history. We won it all in 1951 AFTER losing to Vandy in the SEC Championship game. In 1996, after running through the conference with only one non-conference loss, we lost to Mississippi State in the conference championship game. Interestingly, both Vandy and Miss. State recieved 5 seeds. But Vandy would have to play Syracuse for a slot to the Elite 8 as opposed to the championship game. It's funny though that Miss. State knocked off a Big East team to go to the Elite 8.

Another 1996 omen is that a ACC team has the 2 seed. This happened again this year, with Duke receiving the 2 seed. There's storylines all over the South region. A rematch of last year's Final Four. A possible rematch against Indiana. A rematch against Duke, marking the 20th anniversary of THE SHOT.

Now, Kentucky has a lot of positive history in Catlanta so that's a great location although you should know right now that Cal's 1996 UMass team was placed in the same region that played in Atlanta and they ended up losing in the final four. Is that a bad omen? I don't know. Honestly. It's March. Anything can happen!

Cal's on ESPN Bracketology and is making jokes about playing in Dayton. He hasn't really seen the bracket though. The winning streak is done now. We aren't invincible. Games could be dog fights but we're in the month of March. It's a one-and-done tournament now.

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