Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reports from Catlanta

Chad Ford just published an article on ESPN saying MKG would declare for the NBA Draft after the season ends. The problem with this? MKG has said recently that he would not go anywhere and would be graduating from Kentucky.
"He hopes he'll be able to announce right after they win the NCAA championship," one source said. "But even if they don't win it all, he's coming. He knows he's going to be a top-5 pick. He can't pass that up."
There's a strong feeling that the media will ask questions to MKG tomorrow with regards to this recent report.

The belief in Lexington is that he's going to stay at Kentucky, which is why this report is surprising to many.

MKG responded via twitter. Tweet 1:
I don't know where this is coming from. This is MY decision. Right now all I'm focused on my Teammates and winning Game
Tweet 2:
After the season Ill make a decision that's best for me and my family!
Meanwhile, Gary Parrish spoke with Coach John Calipari about the Mississippi State opening.
"He's from there," Calipari said when I asked about Payne and Mississippi State in a hallway here at the Georgia Dome just before his Wildcats held an open practice in advance of Friday's Sweeet 16 game against Indiana. "You can't be a head coach unless you're ready to say no -- ready to create discipline in these kids' lives, and he is. He's probably tougher on our kids than I am. And then his recruiting speaks for itself. ... He would be a good choice."[...]

"If someone has an interest in him they're gonna end up calling me at some point or I'll make a call," Calipari said. "He's gonna have opportunities."
Time will tell, of course, as to what happens with Payne's future.

Rick Bozich reports that Anthony Davis--surprise, surprise, is undecided on his future.
“I really haven’t decided yet,” Davis said. “I’m just still worried about the season right now. The season’s not over. You can’t really worry about the future right now. So I’m trying to win a national championship for my team, and then when the time comes, whether it be this year or next year or whatever year, that’s when I’m going to have to sit down with my family and my coaches and decide what I’m going to do.”
I'm not going to lie. I hope that the core crop opts to return next season, especially if they pull off a championship win this season.

John Clay has the transcript of the press conference with Kentucky student-athletes and head coach John Calipari.

Cal took ANOTHER DIG at the hack that we call Jerry Tipton!
Michael is maybe the youngest freshman in the country by the way. Now, I have a writer in our town that will look that up. He’ll look up every freshman in the country to find out if he is the youngest freshman in the country. I will tell you, I would say right there that he’s one of the youngest in the country.
Finally, in music news not related to the Cats, Ram is receiving a re-release.
Paul and Linda McCartney's 1971 album will be released across a variety of formats with new and exclusive content including a beautifully packaged Deluxe Edition Box Set - the ultimate collectable.

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