Sunday, January 29, 2006

Covering the bases...

I'm listening to the post game right now but I thought I'd catch readers up on other news.

First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with the ABC family as co-anchor Bob Woodruff and a cameraman were seriously injured in Iraq today. That's one of the downsides of being embedded with the troops. You never know what will happen over there.

When it comes to lobbying reforms, mutual support will be needed.

Some headlines from the late night shows.

South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson's decision to vote in favor of confirmation for Judge Samuel Alito has riled the Democratic base in South Dakota.
Johnson’s political army takes differing attitudes on his Alito vote.

It was either the safe way out, further cushioning himself from a tough re-election battle in 2008, or it was doing what he believed was the right thing.

Johnson explained his support this way: "... I must conclude that Judge Alito possesses a high level of legal skill, is a man of solid personal integrity, and that his views fall within the mainstream of contemporary conservative jurisprudential thinking. At the conclusion of Senate floor debate, I will oppose any effort to filibuster his nomination, and I will vote to confirm Judge Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court."

Jennifer Duffy, Senate analyst with the Cook Political Report, says Johnson is smart – he understands the implications and risks that come with being a Democratic senator from South Dakota in this political environment.

"It’s hard to think of a reason for him not to vote for Alito. He is qualified. He did well in the hearings, and a vote against him simply looks partisan," Duffy said.

Everything Johnson does is viewed through 2008 model glasses now.

"Every vote he makes is relevant. This is a high-stakes vote. Every vote plays into the re-election," she said.
Lexington native Austin Kearns is staying put and will not be traded.

Twenty-three days remaining until the St. Louis Cardinals report to Jupiter, Florida for spring training.

Sheray Thomas was the radio player of the game while Patrick Sparks was the CBS Chevrolet player of the game. Sheray Thomas or Randolph Morris would have been my choices even though Patrick Sparks made some key assists.

The Jackson Sun has a nice article on Carl Perkins the muscian as opposed to Carl Perkins the Kentucky Congressman.

It's Saturday. The filing deadline is on Tuesday. No one seems to know if Ken Lucas will run for office. Kathy Groob thinks that he may run.
"We're all just on pins and needles and anxiously awaiting the official word," said Kenton County Democratic Chairwoman Kathy Groob. "We're still very hopeful and believe strongly that he (Lucas) is the right person and this is the right time for him to return to public office. We need him now more than ever."

Groob said she's received e-mails and letters encouraging Lucas to run and has forwarded those to Lucas.
Why didn't anyone inform me of this meeting? Rahm Emanuel, a member of Congress who chairs the DCCC, was spotted at Chez Nora meeting with Alice Sparks, Kathy Groob, and Milly Diehl. My cousin used to live in Rahm's congressional district.

In sports news, the St. Louis Billikens, in their past 21 games, have alternated their wins and losses.
At times, they've won against the odds. At times, they've stunk up the joint. Most of the time, they've seemingly done whatever it has taken to keep this oddity alive.

"It doesn't have a life of its own," coach Brad Soderberg said after the Billikens' 42-point second half produced a 64-54 victory over Fordham. "You guys can write about it. But it's been weird."

It's the longest streak of its kind in NCAA sports, and longer than any in major league baseball or the NFL, although the school is unsure about the NBA. The 1974 Philadelphia Phillies and 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers each alternated wins and losses for 16 games, and the 1994 Indianapolis Colts did it for 12 games.

Saint Louis, then, stands alone in its consistent inconsistency. The school is 10-9 overall, 4-3 in the Atlantic-10 and without one shred of momentum, positive or negative, heading into Wednesday's game at Rhode Island.

"It's the craziest thing I've ever been around," coach Brad Soderberg said. "I've never been on a team, coach or player, where this has happened. I just hope we can take the positives to Rhode Island and see if we can play good basketball again."
This is definitely a record even if it is a weird one.

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