Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Slow Sunday

After this, it's brunch and then doing all homework due this week.

For Wildcat fans, we had the perfect day last night as Kentucky won, Duke lost, UConn beat Louisville, and Tennessee dropped Florida. It doesn't get much better than that. All Kentucky needed to do was move Central City native Patrick Sparks from the #2 guard to the point guard.

The NL Central may actually be a race this year. My pick is the Cards finishing first.

Yep, the Dudes made another digital short as was mentioned early this morning in my usual SNL recap. This was Young Chuck Norris.

Senator Bayh is caught in Clinton's shadows. I just hope it's for good things and not the bad. After reading the article, it's not Bill's shadow but Hillary's.

I have always supported the University of Kentucky Wildcats no matter who the coach is or how bad our performance is. Lay off the criticism of Tubby Smith. We're winning and we'll rebound in time to get another conference title. Not just that but I would never switch allegiance to Duke or Louisville.

Senator Obama has opened up a new chapter.

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