Thursday, January 19, 2006

The weekend comes again

For many, that's tomorrow. As for me, it comes at 2:55 PM. My only problem is that I scheduled a 9 AM class on MW. Every other day of the week is fine.

The state house backs veterans. Does the state Senate?
"We want to honor those many veterans who survive their time in service and return to Kentucky looking for employment,” Rep. Mike Weaver, D-Elizabethtown, said in a prepared statement. “These veterans have their leadership skills, their decision-making skills, and the care they have shown their fellow soldiers," Weaver said. The legislation adopts recommendations of a special task force headed by the commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs.
Gordo gives his take on how Walt Jocketty has done this off-season with regards to the moves made.

Sarah Silverman is a very talented stand-up comedian. However, I'm not a fan of the comparison that one reviewer made.
Compared to other standup comics, she’s Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Keira Knightley rolled into one.
Sarah is unafraid to touch any subject. However, she is a SNL alumnus but was fired after a controversial episode.

They watch The Daily Show at Eckerd College.

In Wildcat basketball news, Chuck Hayes has been signed a ten-day contract with the Houston Rockets.

Evan Bayh is not happy with Delphi.
The Delphi plan calls for giving 10 percent of the company's stock to the executives, a common practice.

And not a necessarily popular practice, at least not with Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), who counts many Delphi workers among his constituents.

"Circumstances like that of your company and decency require that the highly paid not seek to enrich themselves on the backs of middle-class working families," Bayh wrote in a letter to Delphi's management this month. "In that spirit, I urge you to take the current incentive plan for Delphi's executives off the table."
Bill Ritter, a candidate for Governor in Colorado, has named Barbara O'Brien as his running mate.

Joe Lieberman met with supporters to chat and talk about the issues. He even led a minyan to daven Mincha and Ma'ariv so that he can say Kaddish for his late mother.

Greg Stumbo is upset with the budget cuts and said that it is soft on crime.

Denver Butler has decided against running for another term in the state House.

I was quoted about the grading policy changes in The Community Press.
I had a feeling it was going to pass," said Daniel Solzman, a junior public relations major from Louisville. "I'm extremely disappointed."

Solzman and about five of his classmates were at the meeting in protest. Most held signs that pictured a plus and minus sign and had slogans such as "It doesn't add up."
Bayh was on Fox and Friends the other day. Here's a transcript:
Steve: Good morning to you, Senator.

Bayh: Good morning to you, Steve.

Steve: Well, we are delighted to have you join us today because we are going to break a little news here. You tomorrow are going to introduce a resolution on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Bayh: That’s right. I just came back from the region and it’s increasingly clear that Iran presents a real menace, not only to the national security interests of the United States, but to the rest of the civilized world as well. As you know, they are the foremost sponsor of terrorism in the world, they’ve called for the destruction of Israel, their president has asked its citizens to imagine a world without the United States and now they are seeking nuclear weapons. That is an outcome we just cannot allow to happen, Steve. So to forestall the need for the use of military force, we need tough action now, including economic sanctions, cultural sanctions, cutting off their supply of gasoline, arms sales, those kind of things to convince the radical leaders of Iran that nuclear weapons are something, they just simply cannot have.

Steve: So, you are talking about travel ban, ban on selling refined gasoline, keeping them out of the WTO, just to name a couple of things.

Bayh: Yeah, a variety of things. Interestingly enough, Iran is a major exporter of oil, but they don’t have the refining capacity to create their own gasoline. They have to import about 40 percent of the gasoline they receive, so getting a worldwide agreement to ban the export of gasoline to Iran could have a major impact on their thinking.

Steve: Poor planning on their part apparently. They forgot to build the refinery. I know you feel that Iran cannot be trusted, do you feel that there is a possibility that the military threat - they know there is a military threat - but do you worry that something might actually come to blows over there?

Bayh: Well, let’s hope not. And to keep that from happening, we need strong action today on a host of other fronts. You know, we’ve been letting this slide for a number of years now. The window for action here, Steve, may be as little as a few months. So we need a sense of urgency here so that we don’t have to use military force, if it comes to that, there are some sensitive areas of their program that we might target, but frankly, that would delay their development, not forestall it entirely. So, we need to summon the world, including the Russians, the Chinese, and others, to convince them that a nuclear-armed Iran is in no one’s best interests.

Steve: Senator Evan Bayh, we thank you very much for joining us on this Thursday.

Bayh: Good to be with you.
Rob Corddry is heading to Fairbanks.

Oh crap. My thoughts and prayers are with the latest victims hit by suicide bombers. No one is sure which group was behind the attacks but ten Israelis were wounded.
The only fatality was the bomber, according to police, although one of the wounded was reported to be in serious condition.

The blast occurred Thursday afternoon near the old central bus station, which was crowded with shoppers and travelers.
TV Guide hears that Bryce Dallas Howard will be cast as Gwen Stacy in in Spiderman 3. Also, Jason Ritter, son of the late John Ritter, has been cast in a CBS comedy pilot, The Class.

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