Monday, January 30, 2006

Late Night Open Thread

Okay, so this is mainly to recap news that I have yet to update on.

I think this is a review of Second City's latest review.

Oprah Winfrey's feeling pretty duped from what I've seen. What about Dr. Phil? I couldn't resists that. How powerful is Oprah anyway?!?

Demetri Martin, a comedian, is making the rounds on the late night shows in some sort of capacity. He has a show called "These are Jokes."

Gerda Weissmann Klein addressed the United Nations. You can watch that here.

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh announced he would vote against Judge Alito, and yes, he would support a filibuster as well.
Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh said today that he could not support the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito and would back an effort to block a final vote.

"There is too much ambiguity and vagueness in his record in the important areas of presidential authority, individual and civil rights and whether he will serve as an all-important check to ensure the balance our Founders intended," Bayh said today.
The effort to block a final vote was being led by Massachusetts Sens. John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.

While Bayh called Alito’s judicial career "more than respectable," he said his biography was not enough to go on when considering a lifetime appointment.

"The burden of proof lies with the nominee to show that he or she will be an impartial jurist and will not bring an ideological agenda to the court," Bayh said. "Meeting this burden is more onerous since the president implied that he intended to nominate individuals acceptable to his most extreme supporters."

Bayh also called the confirmation process a "partisan Kabuki theater" in which the nominee says as little as possible to avoid saying anything controversial.
If my party gets it's way in the Senate, then seniors will get the prescription drugs that they need.

UMass's The Daily Collegian profiles an alumnus of their own, Rob Corddry.

The DSCC will unveil a new medicare advertisement tomorrow.

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