Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some things never change

Politics or comedy. I obviously cannot choose both. The question that I have to ask myself is: Do I want to be the first Jewish president or would I rather be on Saturday Night Live? If I do select comedy, I need an acting class to study at Second City. Granted, I've not done as much political commentary like I used to on the blog but my semester was one of the more hectic ones this past year. With the way I have scheduled myself for the fall, expect a lot of commentary unless I either burnout--which is doubtful--or am heavily volunteering for campaigns in Louisville or Northern Kentucky.

No matter what career path I ultimately decide, I am committed til 2008 to help elect Evan Bayh the next president of the United States. He may not be making it official quite yet but with as many trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, you know he'll be running come 2008. When he does make it official, I will do everything in my power to get to the candidacy announcement.

In other news, is a great site and they are having an online fundraiser to keep up. With the type of website that they run, tracking votes and all, it is essential for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky that they are able to remain online. When I want to see how my representation voted in the General Assembly, I just head on over to check it out at I've already pledged a small contribution myself but like the rest of my political contributions, it won't be until I start getting paid again. They've done their part, now go do yours.

Tom Daschle must be running for president in 2008. If he isn't, then he sure must be trying to trick us. I like Daschle and all but I don't know if he's presidential material. I always thought it was wrong of Bill Frist to do what he did in 2004.

Here's how both Bayh and Lugar voted on one of the amendments dealing with the US-Mexico fence.

By the way, check this blog entry on Kenneth Stepp's campaign site.

Speaking of candidates for Congress, how many seats do you think Democrats will pick up here in Kentucky?

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