Friday, December 16, 2005

CNN dismisses Robert Novak

The statement sent out by CNN:
"After 25 years of serving as a CNN commentator and program host, our colleague Bob Novak's tenure on the network will come to a close (effective 12/31). Through the years, Bob has offered incisive analysis for much of CNN's programming, including Crossfire, The Capital Gang, Inside Politics, Evans and Novak, The Novak Zone, and Novak, Hunt and Shields. Bob has also been a valued contributor to CNN's political coverage. We appreciate his many contributions and wish him well in future endeavors," said Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S.
I saw an episode of Crossfire in the summer of 2002. Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson were hosting that day. I saw a lot of TV time myself when my family sat in the back of the audience by the aisle. I miss the show. I was found the show on December 24th to be humorous with the comedian that they always brought in.

Surviving Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr along with the relatives of the late John Lennon and George Harrison have sued EMI.
Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and relatives of their Beatles' bandmates are suing EMI to recover what they claim is more than $53 million in unpaid royalties, their company said Friday.

McCartney, Starr and relatives of John Lennon and George Harrison are pursuing the case both in New York and London.

"We have tried to reach a settlement through good faith negotiations and regret that our efforts have been in vain," said Neil Aspinall, who heads Apple Corps Ltd.

"Despite very clear provisions in our contracts, EMI persists in ignoring their obligations and duty to account fairly and with transparency," Aspinall said.
Well, I firmly believe that the Beatles should be paid their royalties. Maybe this will lead to Paul getting ownership of their songs again.

He's not even with the Red Sox and Nomar Garciaparra still has a say in what's going on. Is he looking to return to Boston? If so, great. I just couldn't root for him when he went to Chicago. After he left the Sox, Johnny Damon became my favorite member of the Sox.
Nomar Garciaparra is evidently continuing to have a say in the fate of the Boston Red Sox.

According to two major league baseball front-office sources, the Red Sox went into last night primed to pull off a deal with Cleveland which would send newly-acquired third baseman Andy Marte and relief pitcher Guillermo Mota to the Indians for outfielder Coco Crisp.

The trade is reportedly partly contingent on the Indians' ability to sign Garciaparra, a free agent, with the purpose of putting the former Red Sox shortstop in right field. The move would make the 26-year-old Crisp expendable, helping Boston fill a need in either left or center field, depending on the return of Manny Ramirez or Johnny Damon.

Garciaparra had narrowed his list of potential teams to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, and Atlanta Braves. Although his agent, Arn Tellem, had originally told at least one of the contending teams that a decision was going to be made by Wednesday, the choice was pushed back to today. Garciaparra is looking for a second straight one-year contract.

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