Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reviewing the 2005 resolutions

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1. Officially declare a minor in Radio-Television DONE!
2. Advertise the Kentucky Democrat better DONE!
3. Get good grades DONE!
4. Continue establishing Hollywood contacts DONE!
5. Continue establishing political contacts DONE!
6. Re-write all comedy sketches and stand-up bits (Working on it!)
7. Make my stand-up debut (I've made my acting debut already at Bradley) DONE!
8. Eat healthy DONE!
9. Join an improv troupe (Working on it!)
10. Officially decide on a career path and STICK with it DONE! (I chose comedy then broadcasting again then back to comedy, but then there was music and that lasted til September before going back into politics and then three months later went back into comedy)

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