Sunday, December 11, 2005

Read the C-J today?

Well, if you did not, here's the link to Jim Carroll's Notes from Washington.
Student trying to draft opposition for Northup

Democrats in the 3rd District have struck out so far in finding a challenger for Republican Rep. Anne Northup.

But it's not all quiet on the Democratic front.

We point you to

Dan Borsch, president of the Louisville-Jefferson County Young Democrats, is being encouraged to make a run by Daniel Solzman, publisher of the blog called Kentucky Democrat.

"I am draftable," Borsch said in an interview Friday. "I am taking a hard look at the race, but have made no decision on it."

Borsch, 29, is a workers' compensation lawyer with the Ched Jennings law offices in Louisville.

"I'm touching base with the people I need to touch base with," Borsch said. Asked if that included the folks at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he said: "Mainly the local people right now."

Does he have a timeline for a decision? "The sooner, the better," Borsch said. "Any kind of race like this isn't a one-person race -- it's a team effort."

As for how much money he would need to make a credible run, Borsch chuckled and said, "Oh, a lot." He declined to name a figure, adding, "but nobody is going to be able to raise what she (Northup) can raise as a sitting incumbent."

Northup has more than $1 million on hand, according to her latest campaign filings.

Solzman said he set up the Web site before he talked to Borsch.

"I don't want Anne Northup to go unchallenged," explained Solzman, a junior at Northern Kentucky University and a Louisville resident. "I figured since Dan was a young guy and president of the Louisville Young Democrats, I might as well see if he's interested in running and see if there's support out there for him."

The response has been encouraging so far, Solzman said.
EDIT AT 1:45 PM: Sorry for the delay in getting other news up but it's finals season so I'm keeping busy.

In Kokomo, Indiana, workers rallied against the actions of Delphi Corp.
"It's not just about Delphi, it's about the future of this country the American dream," said Tom Sugar, a Kokomo native and chief of staff for Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind.

The rally against the wage and benefit cuts was organized by the UAW local that represents Delphi's Kokomo workers, the Kokomo Tribune reported. But the gathering also became a platform to publicize struggles workers face throughout the country as companies outsource parts of their labor force.
What's the latest report on the Bayh Watch? Well, the latest is that his spokesman, Dan Pfeiffer, is staying silent on how much they have raised.
Bayh Watch: "How much do you expect to report for year-end totals?"
Pfeiffer: "I don't know what we expect to report."
Bayh Watch: "Not even a ballpark?"
Pfeiffer: "I wouldn't venture a guess."
Bayh Watch: "Is he on pace with the first six months?"
Pfeiffer: (silence)
The latest on Matt Morris is that he is between the San Francisco Giants and another team. My feelings on the Giants are clear. I cannot, in good conscience, root for the Giants until they get rid of Barry Bonds. He has an attitude problem that I don't like.
The Cardinals, Reds and Nationals have been informed that they are out, has learned. Published reports indicate that the Mariners and Rangers also have been eliminated. The Dodgers, an early suitor, could be back in the mix.
Morris, 31, could make his decision as early as Sunday, and is likely to receive a three-year deal worth in the $25 million range. The Cardinals offered him salary arbitration, but the possibility that he would remain in St. Louis ended when the team's offer was not competitive with those of the other bidders.

The Giants make perhaps the most sense for Morris; SBC Park is pitcher-friendly, and three of Morris' former Cardinals teammates – catcher Mike Matheny and pitchers Steve Kline and Jeff Fassero – are now with San Francisco.

The Reds were a late and surprising entry; the team's interest was spurred by its new ownership group, which is awaiting the approval of Major League Baseball. The group includes three minority owners of the Cardinals, Morris' team since 1997.
I'd rather see him with the Reds than the Giants.

Credit Bambi for turning Paul McCartney into a vegetarian. I always thought it was Linda who did that. I guess I was wrong. Mitch Albom. I didn't know that Albom played guitar.

We have a problem with global warming. Why can't the administration accept the fact that waters are getting warmer? Maybe that's why we have had so many hurricanes this year?

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack is raising visibility.

Al Cross writes on how the GOP may be pulling the plug on Gov. Fletcher. We all know that Mitch dominates the GOP and whatever he says goes. He's been way too silent on Ernie so something has got to be going on.

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