Saturday, April 14, 2007

If she's the nominee, Wheeler must be defeated

If the Republicans decide to nominate Melinda Wheeler as their nominee for Treasurer, she must be defeated in November.
If elected, Wheeler said Friday, she would push for an amendment to the state's constitution that would eliminate the office. Most of the treasurer's meaningful duties have been stripped over time, leaving it as a post in which officeholders must look for meaningful work to do, Wheeler said.

"The time has come to eliminate the constitutional office of treasurer," Wheeler said. "There is very little substantive work done by this office."
Here's where it gets interesting:
Wheeler said she made the decision after pondering what she would do with the office once elected. Finding the answer proved difficult, leading her to decide it should be eliminated, Wheeler said.

The treasurer serves as the state's top financial officer, and among other things, the office is responsible for maintaining the state's unclaimed property. The state treasurer also sits on different boards, including the Kentucky Lottery Corporation and the state's investment commission.
Wait a minute here. She has no idea what she wanted to do if she was elected? Then WHY FRICKIN' RUN FOR THE OFFICE TO BEGIN WITH?!?

How did current State Treasurer Jonathan Miller or a spokesman reply?
Kenneth Mansfield, a spokesman for Miller, said the treasurer disagreed and thought the treasurer needed more oversight powers of state funds.

"We think, in fact that the treasurer needs to get back some of the responsibilities that have already been taken away from it," Mansfield said.
And her Republican opponents?
Smith said he thought there was a "great need" for the treasurer when it comes to tackling issues such as bankruptcy. As the state's financial figurehead, the treasurer has the ability to raise awareness about such issues, Smith said.

"If I personally thought there was an office that had no value, I wouldn't be running for it," Smith said.

Wheeler has spent time and money campaigning, and changing her thoughts on the office now was "a peculiar campaign strategy," Napier said.

"If she doesn't think it's an office worth running for, may she shouldn't be running for it," Napier said. "Maybe she should just get out of the race."

Upchurch echoed those comments, saying the timing of Wheeler's move was "puzzling" and she should withdraw her candidacy.

"If she feels so strongly that the office should be abolished, I would question her motives for actually running for the office," Upchurch said. "It's just another example of her lack of insight."
Took the words right out of my mouth and that's why I support Col. Mike Weaver, a former state representative, for State Treasurer.

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