Saturday, April 28, 2007

Keep Rowand Along...

Pardon the pun, Aaron Rowand has the longest active hitting streak right now at 16 games.

There is a good chance that the University of Kentucky will purchase a plane to help with their coaches and recruiting.
Long lines at airports, flight delays and cancellations are just some of the headaches experienced by coaches on the recruiting trail.

Kentucky is trying to relieve some of that strain for Coach Billy Gillispie by increasing the men's basketball recruiting budget by $300,000 this year.

That sum was part of the $62.7 million budget approved yesterday by the UK athletics board -- up from the $62.4 million budget this fiscal year.

"We're examining the ability to get around privately," Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart explained after the meeting. "We've found in the last 21/2 weeks, trying to ramp up quickly with a new coach, how difficult it's been for him to get around."

The athletics director said Gillispie did not request the additional funding.

The request opened up a recurring discussion on the board about UK purchasing its own plane for coaches to use on the recruiting trail.

"We don't have our own plane and that becomes problematic for us in a lot of our major sports," Barnhart said.

Not having a private university plane can slow the process, Barnhart said.
Democratic candidates for governor recently debated issues of importance to those in Eastern Kentucky.

The candidates for treasurer had a heated debate.

Actress Natalie Portman will be on This Week tomorrow morning.

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