Monday, November 14, 2005

Jack's Press Statement

I was just sent the press statement given by Jack Conway:
In response to
questions regarding whether he will challenge Rep. Anne Northup in 2006, Jack Conway today issued the following statement:

"After much deliberation, I have decided I will not challenge Anne Northup for the Third District seat in 2006. I am assuming Ms. Northup will seek re-election and am issuing this statement so that other Democrats may explore their options with knowledge of my intentions.

This was a very difficult decision. I still have a passion for public service, and I sense that voters are becoming fully aware of the ineptitude, corruption and hollow rhetoric being offered by the current Republican majority in Congress. I plan to remain active in my party, but personal and professional commitments over the next nine months would inhibit a candidacy in 2006.

I have heard from so many supporters over the last few weeks, and I hope they know how much their words of encouragement have meant. The hardest part of this decision is saying 'not yet' to them. However, our party is on the rebound. Rahm Emanuel is a remarkably energetic, organized and passionate leader, and the House Democrats could not invent a better political chairman. Likewise, with the help of Tim Longmeyer and a new generation of activists, we are experiencing a grassroots re-birth here in Louisville, which makes me sanguine for the future. The outlook for our party is bright, and I look forward to an opportunity to seek office in the near future."
Best wishes to Jack Conway in future endeavors.

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