Saturday, November 19, 2005

Reflections on yesterday's debate...

Mainly, the post tonight will deal with yesterday's events. I watched most of it on C-SPAN last night. First, send a note to Congressman John "Jack" Murtha telling him that you support him and will not stay silent.

Brad Pitt is no Tom Harkin. Props to the Senator.

North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones is a rare breed: He's a Republican with a conscience.

What about Kentucky Congressman Geoff Davis? In the GOP Press conference on Thursday, he made the following comments:
Ayman Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's deputy, as well as Abu Musab Zarqawi, have made it quite clear in their internal propaganda that they cannot win unless they can drive the Americans out. And they know that they can't do that there, so they've brought the battlefield to the halls of Congress.

And, frankly, the liberal leadership have put politics ahead of sound, fiscal and national security policy. And what they have done is cooperated with our enemies and are emboldening our enemies.
Shame on you, Congressman. How dare you accuse us Democrats of being liberals. I am a moderate Democrat, or a progressive centrist. Where is OBL? Why has he not been caught yet? Have you forgotten about the events of 9/11? That's not a day I like to invoke on here but it's the reason why I am writing this. None of the attackers were from Iraq, they were from other countries. Why have we gone into Iraq? Why are we not capturing OBL? That, Congressman, should be a priority along with energy independence, a balanced budget, affordable healthcare, and many other MORAL values. New Donkey has more.

No one is running against Congressmen Geoff Davis or Hal Rodgers. No name has come forward quite yet to run against Congresswoman Anne Northup. However, it appears that Jean Schmidt will have opposition in OH-2. Right now healthcare administrator Jim Parker and former Cincinnati Mayor Roxanne Qualls are the only names that have shown an interest. I wonder if Paul Hackett will reconsider.

Have they no shame? Bruce Springsteen got no respect the other day from the United States Senate, presumedly for campaigning with Senator John Kerry last year. We'll take care of this when we take back the Congress and the Senate.
The chamber's GOP leaders refused to bring up for consideration a resolution, introduced by Sens. Frank Lautenberg and Jon Corzine, that honored Springsteen's long career and the 1975 release of his iconic album, "Born to Run."

No reason was given, said Lautenberg spokesman Alex Formuzis. "Resolutions like this pass all the time in the U.S. Senate, usually by unanimous consent," he said.

Telephone calls to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's office seeking comment were not immediately returned.

Lautenberg said he couldn't understand why anyone would object to the resolution.

"Even if the Republicans don't like (Springsteen's) tunes, I would hope they appreciated his contributions to American culture," Lautenberg said.

Corzine said he, Lautenberg and other Americans appreciated Springsteen's contributions to American culture.

"We'll never surrender looking for ways to honor our local hero who made it big in this land of hopes and dreams," Corzine said.
The environment is right to take back the House, Senate, and several offices here in Kentucky.

On to other political news, Virgina Governor Mark Warner has been in New Hampshire lately.
When someone's cell phone interrupted the event in Manchester, N.H., the former co-founder of Nextel said he didn't mind.

"Where you hear an obnoxious sound, I hear ka-ching, ka-ching," Warner said in what became a running joke over the course of the luncheon.

Warner laid out a quick biography during his first visit to the first-in-the-nation primary state. Born in Indiana, his family moved several times as he was growing up.
Here is another article on Warner's visit to the Granite State. I just noticed how the Forward Together PAC blog included the links to other blogs for potential 2008 contenders.

In baseball news, the Cardinals are still interested in resigning Matt Morris.
The Cardinals dined with popular free agent A.J. Burnett earlier this week, remain in contact with the representative of pitcher Matt Morris and have put in a call to the agent of free agent reliever Octavio Dotel. More than the big money, big commitment that it will take to land Burnett, it's the Dotel interest that smacks of a Cardinals move.
Apparently, the Cards are focused on pitching that they may not be interested in outfielder Brian Giles.

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