Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weekend Update

Long time, no blog! Things are going great. I just got back to campus within the past hour and still need to unpack. Before I do that, let's get the rundown on the latest news.

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Here is a writeup of the guy behind of the newest Natalie Portman films that have yet to be released.

Dick Hungate, inventor of classic rock radio, is back on the air.

Paul McCartney phoned in during a quiz on the radio about himself. KLSX-FM was shocked when Macca phoned in as I'm sure listeners were as well.
At first the station was sure it was a hoaxer who was calling to tell them the answer but it actually turned out to be McCartney himself and not only to he give them the answer but a lengthy interview as well.

And the prize for getting the question right? A copy of Ringo Starr’s new album which McCartney reportedly said he’d always wanted.
Now, why did Paul not already by Choose Love?

This guy must be having the time of his life working for Senator Evan Bayh.

What does the Indy Star think that Evan Bayh is thankful for?
Sen. Evan Bayh: Like Daniels, he's thankful 2008 is a long way off. That gives him time to prove his presidential worthiness. He should also be thankful that a good resume and a healthy fundraising report are more important than national poll numbers. For now.
President Dwight David Eisenhower is finally getting a memorial in the district. It was about time. What about John Adams? When is his coming? Anyone know?!?

Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Donald Wintershimer is staying put.

A writeup on Maysville, KY, native George Clooney. I'll have more on him in a later post.

Al Cross, a legend in his own right, has an article focusing on the 2nd district congressional race between Rep. Ron Lewis and State Rep. Mike Weaver. I should disclaim right now that I was just asked to blog last week for Col. Weaver's campaign.

I have to say that Paul McCartney is right to boycott China over animal rights issues.
The comments by McCartney will come as a blow for his Chinese fans - the Beatles are hugely popular in the world's most populous state.

'People think because China is going to host the Olympics then they must be coming into the modern world, but then you see this sort of stuff,' he said. 'Surely the authorities there must realise how bad this looks? How can the host nation of the Olympics be seen allowing animals to be treated in this terrible way?
I will say this about PETA since the article mentions them. I am an animal lover and my family owns a dog. However, the way they acted with KFC by threatening to desecrate the grave of Col. Harlem Sanders was disgraceful and unjustified.

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