Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Will Ken run?

I don't know as of know but if he does, he will be drafted into the race. Check Crowley's article for more. It would definitely be nice to see Congressman Ken Lucas back in Congress.

Another one bites the dust. Ralph Hacker joins the list of Fletcher officials that have resigned and it's not even at the midway point of his term.

Otis Hensley, Jr. is the first Democrat to announce his intent to run for Governor by filing with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. I don't know much about him but I can tell based on the results from 2003, he stands no chance. His runningmate is Richard Robbins.

JIm Thome went to Chicago as it is closer to home. His home is in Peoria. I know that city very well.

St. Louis still has their eye on A.J. Burnett. I'm still waiting on Matt Morris and their decision on him.

John Mellencamp will have to wait another year. He belongs in the Hall of Fame, there is no doubt about that. Another band that keeps getting snubbed are the Hollies.

Another great writeup of George Clooney.

Will state employees soon have to direct deposit in their bank account?
It will save more than $500,000 in printing costs, and it will help avoid situations where workers have had checks lost in the mail, said Kenneth Mansfield, communications director for Treasurer Jonathan Miller's office.

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