Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Updates

Don't forget that Jack Conway is on WAVE 3 at 11 AM this morning! For anyone that watches that, let me know how it went since I can't get WAVE 3 in Northern KY.

Some Delaware news, Joseph "Beau" Biden III is a candidate for Attorney General in 2006. He is the son of Senator Biden and has my endorsement in 2006.
But Biden, a Wilmington attorney and the son of Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., refused to comment about whether he wants to be considered to fill the year remaining in the term of Attorney General M. Jane Brady, who will leave the job next month to take a Superior Court judgeship.

"I'm not going to comment on any of that stuff," Biden, 35, said.[...]

Beau Biden has been among several lawyers mentioned as possible attorney general candidates since Brady beat Democrat Carl Schnee and Green Party candidate Vivian Houghton in 2004. He has been courted by state Democratic leaders and party activists and has been considering a run for the past year.

"I am going to run for attorney general next year," Biden said Thursday. "I am getting a committee together and plan to make a formal announcement next spring."

Minner said Biden has the stuff to be an "outstanding" candidate and attorney general.

State Democratic Chairman John Daniello said he agrees and thinks Biden made a wise choice if, as other party veterans said, he has taken his name out of consideration for an appointment.

"It sends a powerful message that he's confident that he's got the experience and ability to handle the job," he said.
David Hawpe, in his op-ed today, has apologized for attacking Jack Conway.
Northup is right that I was too personal in attacking Jack Conway for his decision not to run. I apologize. Conway's decision means voters probably won't have an opportunity for an up or down vote on their representative's performance. I'm sorry about that, too.
Jim Parker, a former constituent of Jack Murtha, is the only declared candidate against Rep. Jean Schmidt. This is a very important race now. He needs your support.

Interesting. Kentucky will not play in Cincinnati after this season.

Congressman Patrick Kennedy will be in the Cincinnati area tonight.
Lately the Democrats have been luring some pretty big names to the Bluegrass-Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., then Sen. Hilary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., and now Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I. The youngest son of Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., will be the special guest at an event hosted by Alice Sparks (who may be the only Northern Kentuckian to have hobnobbed with the Kennedys in Hyannis), Cincinnati attorney Stan Chesley and Cincinnati consultant Dick Weiland.

Sparks said Kennedy's visit to Weiland's home was spurred by Weiland's and Chesley's desire to thank him for his efforts on pro-Israel legislation. Sparks became acquainted with Kennedy through his chairmanship of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and his work with Scotty Baesler, a former congressman and mayor from Lexington.

"We've stayed pretty good friends," Sparks said.

The event takes place Nov. 21 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Weiland's home at 2444 Madison Ave. in Cincinnati. The event is not a fundraiser, but donations are suggested and welcome.
Sounds like that will be an interesting evening. I know if I had a car, I'd be there in an instant.

The day I've feared all semester long: Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati. Colts all the way! I despise the Bengals.

Former Senator Bob Graham has an editorial in the Washington Post that he should be commended for!
The president's attacks are outrageous. Yes, more than 100 Democrats voted to authorize him to take the nation to war. Most of them, though, like their Republican colleagues, did so in the legitimate belief that the president and his administration were truthful in their statements that Saddam Hussein was a gathering menace -- that if Hussein was not disarmed, the smoking gun would become a mushroom cloud.

The president has undermined trust. No longer will the members of Congress be entitled to accept his veracity. Caveat emptor has become the word. Every member of Congress is on his or her own to determine the truth.
Go to the link for me but it is definitely worth the read. He was the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and even he voted against the resolution.

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