Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Not so breaking...

but retired Army Colonel and State Rep. Mike Weaver has announced that he will seek the seat in the 2nd Congressional District of Kentucky. Let's go get 'em, Colonel!
Weaver made the expected announcement at his home in Radcliff, where he settled after a 30-year Army career that saw him rise from a private to colonel. He has been in the state House since 1997, where he has been active in passing legislation in support of veterans and some homeland security measures.

Weaver said his military experience convinced him of the value of education, hard work and family.

The "No Child Left Behind" initiative has turned into a hollow promise and support for veterans has waned in Washington, Weaver said in remarks prepared for his announcement.

Most of all, Weaver said, Republican domination in Washington has skewed priorities and led to a lack of leadership.

Weaver emphasized his conservative credentials against Lewis, one of the most right-leaning members in the House.

Weaver said he is "pro-life," but said that included a "a moral obligation to the children of the world before they are born, and after."

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