Monday, January 30, 2006

Website Redesign Update

I was just sent this email by Barry Welsh's campaign and I'd wait til later but I have a night class. Here goes:

Hi! I'm the Kentucky Democrat and I am with the Barry Welsh for Congress Campaign. We are proud to announce that our new website is making it's World Premier this evening. We ask you to visit the website, and take a look around. Barry will be blogging live, beginning at 7 p.m. on the site. We invite you to join the conversation. We are also proud of the Pledge to the People of the 6th District. A media blitz in underway in the district to announce this important document.

Barry's campaign is intent on telling the truth about how Congressman Mike Pence has voted, where his financing comes from, and his out-of-touch, right-wing extremism. More importantly it is about ideas that will improve life in Indiana's 6th District. Visit to see the complete text of Barry's Pledge to the People of the 6th District.

Tomorrow night is the State of the Union Address. No matter what President Bush says about it, we know the reality of the State of the Union. We live it, and breath it, and now have to fight for it, because it is under threat.

Our U.S. House of Representatives HAS NOT BEEN in session since December and is still out of session as of this writing. The Senate has been back. Why has the House not been doing the people's business? The answer is: Corruption and Cronyism. The Republican leadership has kept the House closed, first in hopes that former Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, would beat the indictments against him, and then in a struggle to name a new Majority Leader. But the truth is: Tom Delay is going to have to face trial, and the Republican leadership is putting party politics above the interest of the people, as they always do.

Join the Barry Welsh for Congress campaign in putting PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS and visit the brand new website at While you are there, drop a contribution into the grassroots fund. Every dollar is important and every contribution appreciated. We also look forward to reading your comments and ideas.

Visit and be amazed at the animation, analysis, and attitude.

Welsh for Congress Committee Taking the CON out of

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