Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bayh gives money to Indiana Democrats

Senator Evan Bayh has a lot of money left over in his campaign war chest. WISH-TV reports that he has made another donation to the Indiana Democratic Party.
Indiana Democrats got a big boost in the form of a half million dollar donation from Evan Bayh. It likely means a much bigger get-out-the-vote effort for every Democratic candidate in Indiana but it's also the kind of help that may attract other meaningful donations.

Just last week Evan Bayh campaigned with Democratic Senate candidate Brad Ellsworth deflecting questions about his ability to donate and pointing to the huge donation he made in March. "I was very pleased to provide a million dolllars to the state party which is being used to help Brad," Bayh said at the time, "I think that's the largest contribution by a political figure in the history of our state. I hope other people will do likewise and step up and be supportive."

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