Monday, October 11, 2010

Nobody told Rand...

Nobody told Rand Paul that Republicans are notorious for saying one thing when it comes to family values and then completely doing the opposite.

I agree with Joe that Rand is going to backfire completely on his comments today.
Told of Clinton's comments by reporters at a campaign stop in Shelbyville on Monday afternoon, Paul responded by saying Clinton was "less than honorable."

"I'm not sure I would trust a guy who had had sexual relations with an intern," Paul said of Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. "I mean, do you think he's an honorable person?

"They complain they want all these workplace rules. Do you think there ought to be a law against having, using the prerogatives of your position and your power, of your job, to have relations with an intern? I think that's disgusting. It gets to the point where we discount what he says. He showed himself less than honorable in office."
Case in point: Rand Paul brought in Sarah Palin for a fundraiser. Need I say more?

Moreover, Rand Paul says he would not accept contributions from senators that voted for the Wall Street bailouts. Next thing you know, he accepts their money.

And where the hell does Rand Paul believe he can attack Jack Conway on how Jack would have voted in 2002 for Iraq? When Jack made those comments in 2002, he was making them based on the known intelligence at the time. It was only AFTER the fact that Americans found out that Bush made up intelligence.

And when President Clinton did lie, no one died.

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