Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cincinnati/Kentucky Enquirer still finds way to endorse Rand Paul

If you are like me, you already that the Cincinnati/Kentucky Enquirer went down the drain once Pat Crowley left for the private sector. I met Pat a number of times when I was attending Northern Kentucky University for college. I read his blog all the time along with his articles.

Anyway, here's the excerpts from their endorsement of Rand Paul:
The world would be a poorer place if we did not make room for people with the courage to question conventional wisdom and the smarts to make a cogent case for their own vision. The race for Kentucky's U.S. Senate seat this fall has such a candidate - Republican standard-bearer Rand Paul.[...]

Unlike Conway, Paul doesn't fit the mold of a typical politician, and his provocative candor in advancing conservative viewpoints sometimes gets him in trouble.

To succeed, Paul has work to do. He needs to choose his words more carefully, avoid actions that make him simply an obstructionist, and - most important - commit himself to understanding and serving the specific needs of Kentucky.[...]

Conway, by contrast, seems a natural for this office. He's had the expected experience. He says the expected things in the expected way. He looks and acts the way you'd expect. If elected, he would be a perfectly capable and utterly conventional senator.
It's no surprise, really, that they endorsed Congressman Geoff Davis for another term. The district has grown conservative. At a rally on Saturday, Davis had an interesting choice of words for those in attendance.
“If we just exhale and vent our feelings and go back to our usual ways, nothing will happen,” said Davis, who is seeking a fourth term. “But if people engage, they organize, they do the hard and often thankless work of campaigns and of advocacy, you can make a difference – we can make a difference – and we will take our country back on November 2nd.”
My fear is that the people that were active as result of President Obama's candidacy were not as active this year as they were in 2008. I don't see the excitement as high as it was back then.

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