Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WaPo speaks to Rand Paul victim

The WaPo has some damaging information for Rand Paul. It's called THE TRUTH. The lady that was victimized/hazed/whatever spoke to the Washington Post about the ad.
The woman, who again asked for anonymity because she's a clinical psychologist who works with former members of the military, including Tea Partyers, said she was surprised that Paul is still refusing to acknowlege his past views and the college antics they spawned.

"My whole point in sharing [the episode] was that Randy used to be a different person with different views that have radically changed, and he's not acknowledging that," she told me. "That is why I shared it in the first place."

She added that his college years and views should raise questions "as to how genuine he is about his beliefs now. I have a hard time seeing how someone who espouses beliefs that he used to would turn around and become a conservative Christian."

She confirmed the ad's accuracy, and wondered aloud why Paul doesn't just admit what occured and move on.

"Yes, he was in a secret society, yes, he mocked religion, yes, the whole Aqua Buddha thing happened," she said. "There was a different side to him at one time and he's pretending that it never existed. If he would just acknowledge it, it would all go away and it wouldn't matter anymore."[...]

She concluded: "If he would just acknowledge that he had been a prankful and crazy college kid who at one point in time shared some different views, I think that would diffuse the whole thing."

Hat tip to Joe.

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