Thursday, October 28, 2010

GOTV Rally

You can view video here.

Here are some excerpts from the WAVE-3 coverage:
In less than a week, people will head to a poll to vote for their candidate. Wednesday evening, the Metro Democratic Club held a 'Metro Louisville Rally'. The rally lasted nearly two hours. It was held at the American Legion Assembly Hall on Bardstown Road.

Among the speakers, Congressman John Yarmuth (D / 3rd District Incumbent), Greg Fischer who is running for Metro Louisville Mayor, and Attorney General Jack Conway who is a candidate for U.S. Senate.

The candidates encouraged voters to spread their message. "We can't be everywhere in these next 4 {or} 5 days, but if we have 300/400 deputies, we can be everywhere," Mayoral Candidate Greg Fischer said.[...]

Folks. Elections are about choices and boy is there a clear choice," Candidate Jack Conway told the crowd.

Governor Steve Beshear made an appearance, encouraging voters. "Five days. We can either sit here and feel like it's over and that we've won or we can get out and make sure we can win," he said.

Most of the rally was spent rounding up voters before November 2nd. "All the debating comes down to this: "who is going to get their voters out next Tuesday," Governor Beshear said.

"We have an obligation to help those who are without jobs, working to maintain their life,"Yarmuth said.

Many of the candidates went over their platforms. Candidate Greg Fischer threw a jab at his opponent Republican Mayoral Candidate, Hal Heiner. Fischer said: "I'm running against somebody that would like you to think that Louisville is a terrible place have you noticed that? Oh, this is what's wrong. This is what is bad. Did anybody stop to ask him you've been here 8 years with Metro Government what have you done?"
The Courier Journal also had a reporter there.
“This race isn't a ‘want to,' this race isn't a ‘hope to,' this race is a ‘have to' and we have to have Jefferson County and we have to have it big Tuesday night,” Conway said to raucous applause.

Conway, now the state attorney general, said the choice is clear between him and Republican Rand Paul. Conway referenced a recent incident where a Paul supporter stomped on the head of a woman who tried to confront Paul outside the most recent debate between the two candidates.

“Rand Paul and his camp have given a half-hearted apology,” Conway said. “Rand Paul needs to condemn it, condemn the other people that dragged her to the ground and step up for the women of this state.”

U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3rd District, also referenced the incident when speaking to the crowd.

“I'd like to say it would take physical restraint to keep Democrats from polls on Tuesday, but then some Rand Paul supporters might take notice,” Yarmuth said to laughter.
Yarmuth also dismissed polls that have him and Conway in tight races, saying that just because a poll concludes a Democrat is trailing or in a close contest “does not mean it is the gospel,” Yarmuth said.

“Or right,” Conway added.

“We've got to make sure that SurveyUSA's prediction of turnout is wrong, and I'm convinced that we will,” Yarmuth said.

Democratic mayoral candidate Greg Fischer also encouraged supporters to dismiss a recent poll.

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