Friday, October 29, 2010

Too funny....

Hal Rogers is set to become the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee per Al Cross.
The Republican congressman from one of the nation's poorest and most rural districts said yesterday that he has the votes to become chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee if his party takes control of the chamber as a result of Tuesday's elections, as expected.

Rep. Harold "Hal" Rogers of Kentucky's 5th District told The Rural Blog that he has 19 of the 33 votes on the Republican Steering Committee, which determines chairmanships. Rogers, an Appropriations subcommittee chairman in his 30th year in Congress, is a member of the committee.
The tea party movement favors cutting spending...and yet the one guy that loves bringing money back to the 5th District of Kentucky is set to become Chairman of the committee that works on the budget. Hmmm....

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