Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dancing with the Stars is rigged

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars. I'm an aspiring actor-comedian-screenwriter. These shows take jobs away from people that are working their asses off to get into the television and film industry. I don't watch this series at well.

In what way is Bristol Palin considered a star? To put it simply, she isn't. She's the daughter of ex-Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, a failed vice presidential candidate in her own right. Palin, if you recall, chose the slow Fourth of July weekend in 2009 to resign her governorship. You know what that means? She doesn't want to lead. The hell with Sarah Palin being talked about a presidential candidate...

No, a cameo in The Secret Life of the American Teenager does not count. That was a cameo of a show that does relate to teenage mothers. However, Bristol Palin had maybe one or two lines. She was not a recurring character.

She has never released a record album, played profressional sports, or acted in the movies. That is what a star, for the sake of the show's name, would have done to earn a spot on the show.

It's one thing of Sarah Palin had been a sports broadcaster and her daughter was breaking into the business. Or if Sarah Palin was an actress and her daughter was breaking in. But Sarah Palin isn't any of these. She's a politician. A politician that also was hired by FOX News shortly after resigning her governorship in Alaska because she wanted to continue to build a base and raise money for Republican candidates.

But Bristol Palin is not a star. Last I checked, she was the daughter of Sarah Palin and somehow managed to have premarital sex and got pregnant as a result. The worst part of this is that the Republican Party says they are the party that believes in family values. When has unprotected sex for an unmarried couple (and not even an engaged one at that) ever been a family value?

Let's get the facts straight. Brandy and her dancing partner scored a 57. Of the remaining four, Bristol Palin and her dancing partner scored the lowest of the four with a 53. Yet, in some ridiculous way, Brandy is eliminated and Bristol Palin survives another week.

What in the hell is wrong with America? This is not golf, where the lowest score wins.

UPDATE: Since posting this, USA Today ran a piece saying Bristol's run fuels conspiracy theories but goes on to spice up the fact that Sarah Palin's supporters are voting for the non-star on a star-studded show.
Green notes that DWTS, which has one of TV's oldest viewing demographics, may feel maternal toward young contestants such as Palin, who had no background as an entertainer or dancer, unlike most of the celebrities who've appeared over 11 seasons. "People love the story of the ordinary person. Bristol embodies that."

Clearly, Bristol's ties to Sarah — who has appeared in the DWTS audience twice — as well as websites such as conservatives4palin.com and Hillbuzz.org, which have shown readers how and where to vote, have helped. Hillbuzz editor Kevin DuJan has been promoting her DWTS run since the season's debut. He has personally voted for Bristol "hundreds of times" via 40 e-mail addresses. "Each address is allowed to vote 10 times. You can also telephone. You can easily vote hundreds of times if you want to take the time to do it," says DuJan.
He suggests Bristol's support isn't political. "I think it's moms, sisters, grandmoms, dads — people who are voting with their hearts, not with a political agenda."

The grassroots support isn't unprecedented. Past DWTS competitors, such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, may have not demonstrated keen prowess on the dance floor. But they've used social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and fan websites to drum up support for extended DWTS appearances.
FORTY EMAIL ADDRESSES. I'm sorry but how is that not rigging the vote in Palin's favor. What the hell happened to alowing IP addresses to vote so many times.

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