Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh, Natalie...

You think you've seen it all and then you read about Natalie Portman writing a raunchy comedy:
For the past few weeks, Portman and college friend Laura Moses have been shopping to Hollywood studios a ribald comedy that they have written, said two studio executives who've read the script.

The project, called "BYO" (for Bring Your Own), concerns two very different twentysomething women who, after finding themselves unlucky in love, decide to throw a party to which each female attendee brings an eligible bachelor. The executives who've read the script describe it as a female-themed "Superbad."

Portman would star as one of the female leads and produce the movie, and the studio executives said they'd been told Anne Hathaway has expressed interest in the second lead role.

The project, which has been passed on by several Hollywood studios, could still get made via either a studio or, more likely, via independent financing. Representatives for Hathaway and Portman could not immediately be reached for comment.
Natalie Portman next stars in Fox Searchlight's Black Swan, opening on December 3, 2010.

Portman also stars in Hesher, a movie that was screened earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival but as yet to see a release date.

Next year, she will be seen in No Strings Attached (opening January 21, 2011), Your Highness (April 8, 2011), and Thor (May 6, 2011). That's four films due out in a six month period. Five if Hesher sees a release date in the same time period. Yes, Natalie Portman will be everywhere.

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