Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mark Warner comments on midterms

Virginia Senator, once touted as a potential presidential candidate for 2008 before deciding to run for the United States Senate, had some interesting things to say about the midterm elections. I'm not saying I agree with him with his comments but he does look at the compromise angle. In that regard, seeing as how the Democratic caucus became more liberal in the House as the Republicans go further to the right, we're going to see a lot of gridlock.

You can view the video with the audio of Mark Warner's comments here.
"There are a lot of folks I think on both sides, but the question will be will the super-left on my party - the MoveOn crowd in my party - and the Tea Party crowd on the other party, you know, they don't compromise, so you know, I for one am...you know, there were too many times I bit my lip in the first year, or bit my tongue...I'm done..."
Keep in mind that Warner both governed and campaigned as a centrist. When they were both looking at a presidential bid, both then-Governor Warner and now outgoing Senator Evan Bayh were going after the same money people.

I wouldn't consider myself a MoveOn Democrat but I am on their mailing list and will continue to be on said list.

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