Wednesday, November 17, 2010

David Camp wants to raise your taxes

Congressman David Camp, the incoming chairman of the Ways and Means committee, wants to raise your taxes if you make under $250,000.
The Republicans' top tax guy in the House threatened in the clearest possible terms today that he and the rest of the GOP would vote to block any tax cut for the middle class during the lame duck session unless tax cuts for the wealthy are extended for the same period of time.

In a policy speech at the business-friendly Tax Council today, incoming Ways and Means Committee chairman David Camp called the Democratic plan for tax cuts -- a permanent tax cut extension for all income up to $200,000, and a temporary extension for income above that level -- "a terrible idea and a total nonstarter."

"We would be foolish to fall for it," Camp said.
It's a shame when the permanent tax cuts for the middle class are being held hostage by the Republicans. I wonder how many of the middle class identify as Republican and voted for Republicans, not knowing that their caucus would be in favor of raising their taxes.

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