Saturday, November 13, 2010

Todd Lally: A Sore Loser

If you saw yesterday's Courier Journal forum page, then you saw that Todd Lally was a sore loser. Here it is:
Oh, the hypocrisy of this Forum and newspaper! On Veterans Days, you dole out the usual platitudes toward our “brave, courageous” military personnel. For one day, you acknowledge us as a cut above the rest and how we deserve this nation's respect and admiration.

However, when a veteran runs for Congress against your beloved John Yarmuth, this paper labels him an extremist and “wrong for Louisville.” I have served in three wars and answered every single time my country has called for over two decades.

I have on my desk a rushed J.C. Penny photo taken with my youngest daughter right before I deployed to Iraq. The sole purpose of this picture was to make sure we had at least one professional photo of us together in case I didn't return. Maybe, that is extreme! Perhaps, wrong for Louisville! That is the kind of sacrifice that military members make 365 days a year.

Todd Lally must have forgotten that retired Lt. Col. Andrew Horne ran against John Yarmuth in the initial 2006 Democratic Primary. Horne, in his defeat that year, showed class and character. Andrew Horne is a friend of mine. Lally, you sir, are no Andrew Horne.

Just because someone has served their country does not mean they deserve a free ride to Congress. It is because of the ideas and vision that they offer.

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